Hi I’m Gabriella – AKA Gabby or Gabs.

Little bit about me –

I am a self-proclaimed nerd, used to be a bookworm, but nights out eating and drinking have gotten the better of me. I love all the things most people probably think are boring and strange, like building puzzles, the smell of new books and stationery, eating chocolate (and no, white chocolate is NOT chocolate), colouring in, and word puzzles and boardgames. I am introverted, despite what people may think! I am very talkative once you get me going though…hence, a blog seemed like the perfect outlet to balance my intro-extrovert.

I detest egg yolks (yes, I only like the whites…unless it’s scrambled, I don’t really eat eggs). I miss dressing up more like a tomboy and find it hard that work environments don’t have the freedom and individualism to allow this (why can’t tracksuits and sneakers be a norm?! Practically is with all the lockdowns now).

I am obsessed with travelling and crave being on a plane more than anything! I love eating and snacking and genuinely believe truffle butter is the greatest thing on earth. Also, I know people think I force myself to drink and eat some ‘healthy’ things, but I love kefir and kombucha and seeds/nuts in food or just to snack on (bird food can be tasty too). I don’t drink coffee (sub: hot chocolate) and love green tea to start my mornings. Going to the gym is a MAJOR chore – people who tell me they love the gym are one fruit loop away from crazy-town.

I come from a big family – 3 brothers, one older two younger, plus mum and dad and the cutest yorkie fur baby on the planet. I really dislike cats (sorry!) and think we are very undeserving of dogs as they are the most innocent beautiful animals to bless the earth. I also love snakes and Bearded Dragons (they are freaking cool!!). Terrified to death of spiders…and always believed the Big-Eyed Lemur from Madagascar with three fingers was cute as hell, until I looked at the real photos and started crying. Dreams crushed.

I have a double major in Art History and English Literature and one day dream of owning my own business in a creative industry – I once thought I would be a Art Gallery Curator. However, now I think I will actually be curating, but in other ways beyond the gallery space.

Manifesting good vibes always –

G x

Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, and feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together.